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As an entrepreneur, inventor, fashionista, Creative Director, CEO, philanthropist, & biotech maven, she is the perfect person to lead the charge in “high-tech, high-function, and high fashion".


From biotech maven to luxury fashionista, Skye Drynan is strutting her way up to the top, a little more every day. As an entrepreneur, inventor, fashionista, Creative Director, CEO, philanthropist, she is the perfect person to lead the charge in “high-tech, high-function, and high fashion.”  Now, dedicating 100% of her time to launching her tech savvy luxury fashion group, Drynan merges all of her talents as she decisively builds her fashion empire. A true power-force in fashion, design, and intellectual property, her hard work and talent are gaining accolades. Many will know of Skye Drynan through her new business venture as the CEO and Creative Director of “House of Skye”: a global and digitally driven Fashion House that creates uniquely designed pieces for their customers that range from Red Carpet Couture to streetwear, Ski Wear and even her irresistible intimates with technological twists.

To quote Skye “We want to be a transformative force shaping the future within fashion starting with the world wild web.” 


“House of Skye” is made up of a team of industry veterans who have fashion in their blood! It embodies the verticals “Ducle Bestia,” “DB Street Couture,” “Snow Beast,” and “Bareback.”


In 2016, she co-invented a “backless bra” for which she also laid out the patent strategy for it.  She has four design patents and a utility patent in more than 88 counties. Since then, she has continuously expanded her empire including more novel products for her “Bareback” line for men and women. For Skye, everyone deserves to be dressed at the highest of standards and as she put it fiercely, "I dress the alpha dresser, both women and men. My ideal client is bold with a James Bond / femme fatale type of vibe married with Rock and Roll and whimsy.” The holidays are extra special this year, as Skye will launch her new collection, RULE BREAKERS, on Amazon.

Over the course of their first year since launched,  Skye’s fashion lines have been worn by many celebrities, including Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Poppy, Maejor, Jared Harris, Gavin Leatherwood, Brenda Song, Cameron Reid Hamilton, Danna Paola, Laura Marano and featured in music videos and on album covers for artists including Avril Lavigne, Carrie Underwood, Lexy Panterra and Ally Brooke to name a few.


She stood tall in her stilettos with her illustrious career on Wall Street pulling long nights vetting biotechnological breakthroughs, and developing her own fashion line with her novel inventions all the while never backing down from pursuing her dreams. A native of Whitefish, Montana from the United States, Skye Drynan grew up working at a young age in a trinket store belonging to her single father, playing soccer, and earning a scholarship that would lead her to study at Welsley College and later entered the Wall Street boys’ club. Drynan embodies what it means to go for your dreams and never let anyone stop you.  “I remember when I gave one of my first investment reviews in biotechnology and my director of research gave me peer feedback that included comments like, “What is this Barbie doll doing here anyway?”  I was hurt and furious at the same time. This was a pivotal moment for me as it ignited a fire in me to not let them break me. From my perspective, you can call me a Barbie doll any day, as she is one of the most successful Mattel franchises. It’s important to fight for your dreams and to remember when people underestimate you, it’s your power.”  Truly, an inspiration to others, Drynan welcomes with open arms the opportunities that arose from her hard work and perseverance.


Also a dedicated philanthropist, Skye relishes in giving back to others and has recently joined the iconic “Queen of Pop,” Cher, in her activism, striving to support and improve the quality of life for those in need. Skye is thrilled to join the Advisory Board of Cher Cares. Cher Cares falls under the Entertainment Industry Foundation and focuses on Donations geared toward people in rural and urban communities who have minimal access to physical protection and medical care. 

As creative director, Skye is pushing the limits and changing the ways the world views luxury. For years, fashionistas, designers, critics, ateliers, and socialites have flown across the world to partake in fashion week but with 2020 things got a little more disrupted. Adapting to these changes, Skye will forgo the established Fashion schedule surrounding the seasons. Instead of presenting new collections bi-annually, “House of Skye” will be doing drops throughout the year, allowing for more dynamic and creative approaches. She will reveal her second drop collection, “Bubblegum Saloon” in early 2021.


“I’ve always blazed my own trails in any endeavor, including fashion.”

Skye Drynan has invented, created, defended, inspired, and prospered in various worlds that she brought together as one, empowering her beast within every day. Never giving up on her dreams and making it through hard work and dedication, she inspires those around her to do the same. Skye’s committed devotions through various aspects of her life through "couture" designs, innovation, and paying it forward contour her passionate essence.  Embracing solid admirations through all ideas and people in life, there is no stopping this go-getter as she continues to build within her and around her.

“The beast in you is the best in you.”