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Our cover star this week Skye Drynan is known to many by a number of monikers. She is an entrepreneur, biotech maven, fashionista, Creative Director, CEO, philanthropist, overall beauty, and ultimately a Beast in her own right. Many will know of Skye Drynan in her new business venture as the CEO and Creative Director of "House of Skye": a global and digitally distributed Fashion House that has produced uniquely designed pieces for their customers that range from Red Carpet Couture to streetwear, Ski Wear and even desirable intimates with a technological secret. To date and in its first year of inception, Skye's fashion lines have been worn by several celebrities, including recording artist Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Poppy, Maejor, actor Gavin Leatherwood, Brenda Song, Cameron Reid Hamilton, Danna Paola, Laura Marano and featured in music videos and on album covers for artists including Avril Lavigne, Carrie Underwood, Lexy Panterra and Ally Brooke to name a few.

A truly fascinating character, Skye Drynan is not one who has ever backed down in the face of adversity. From obliterating the glass ceiling in the Wall Street dominated old boys club, to working late hours in biotechnological research, Skye's life is one that is set to inspire her upcoming literary works. Although Skye's life is one that many wish to achieve in several lifetimes, the savvy business mogul was not handed the opportunity overnight. A native of Whitefish, Montana from the United States, Skye Drynan grew up like any other girl, working in a gift shop belonging to her single father, playing soccer, and earning a scholarship that would lead her to study Welsley College and later enter the male-dominated Wall Street.

"I definitely am a mix between glam, a Montana girl next door, and a formidable force in business."

"When I was growing up, I was always working to save up for college to build my dreams. I worked in my dad's gift store 6 days a week, a music store on Sunday, and I was a hostess a few nights a week at a Mexican restaurant. I believe if you truly want something, you've got to fight for it. I don't think anything gets handed to you. I feel you have to build your own reality. If you don't like what you are doing too many days in a row, make a change."

"When people look at my Instagram, they would never know the rollercoaster ride of my personal life. When I was growing up, no one talked about mental illness and how that can ravage a family. It was too taboo. The concept of divorce, a mother, not being a mother, and a single father raising a little girl were uncommon. My greatest heartbreaks ultimately forged who I am today. I want to define me and not my sorrow."

"Back in 2016, I became involved with a backless bra I co-invented and laid out the patent strategy for it where I have in 88 countries, four design patents, and a utility patent."

Her involvement with the invention of the newly designed backless transformer bra will be the pedestal for her Bareback line of women's and men's intimates. Bareback is what catapulted her jump into fashion and ultimately creating "House of Skye."

To quote Skye "We want to be disrupters and help shape and be a vision of the future within fashion." Her team of industry veterans from different businesses have successfully helped build to grow "House of Skye," the umbrella behind the verticals "Ducle Bestia," "DB Street Couture," "Snow Beast," and of course, "Bareback."

"High-tech, high-function, high-fashion is our motto. From the outside, what I am doing is unusual as I am launching a multi-brand luxury goods company with differentiated product lines at the same time digitally. However, if you know me, my lifestyle luxury brand is a reflection of my interests. "Bareback" includes men's and women's intimates with globally patented products, "Dulce Bestia" is my red-carpet fashion line which will include "DB Street Couture" (street fashion) to be launched soon, plus "Snow Beast" which is winter / outdoor wear for all of my brands. I dress the alpha dresser, both women and men. My ideal client has that 007 type of vibe with a bit of a Rock and Roll and a whimsical twist. We will launch with Amazon for the holidays. I am very excited to have them as a partner!"

As creative director, Skye is pushing the limits and changing the ways the world views luxury. Every budding fashionista, designer, critic, atelier, and socialite has been shifting their lives around the Spring / Summer and the Winter / Spring fashion calendar. Year after year, trendsetters flock to Paris, Milan, and New York for fashion week, and 2020 has proven never to put together an ensemble before your RSVP has been secured. To adapt to these dynamic times, Skye will forgo the established Fashion schedule surrounding the seasons. Instead of presenting new collections bi-annually, "House of Skye" will be doing drops throughout the year, allowing for more dynamic and creative approaches. She will reveal her first capsule collection, "Bubblegum Saloon" at LA Fashion Week on November 11th, 2020.

"I've always drummed to my own beat. Why would it be any different in fashion?"

2020 has become a time for a change. While many companies are taking this time and platform to promote inclusivity and diversity in the workforce, "House of Skye" is a company that has been able to fulfill that professionalism since its inception. Professional journals, including The Economist, Business Insider, and The Wall Street Journal, are filled with various reports and statistics displaying how diversity and inclusion lack in the workplace. Amid political activism and peaceful protests, several organizations are being called out for their lack in representation and diversity. Just in June of this year, Business Insider provided a report highlighting underrepresented minorities in the tech industry. While antiquated companies are constantly working on creating more balance, "House of Skye" has naturally created a welcoming environment for her team.

"As a female CEO with minority roots, at "House of Skye" there are no ceilings. Our team is LBGQT and the rainbow. We chose each other because of our creativity, taste, and smarts."

Skye Drynan is looking forward to bringing a new wave of charity in the next year. In September of 2020, Skye joins Grammy-winning artist Cher in her activism, striving to support and improve the quality of life for those in need. Skye is honored to be building such a strong connection with another powerhouse woman in her field, joining the Board of Cher Cares. Cher Cares, which falls under the Entertainment Industry Foundation, focuses on Donations geared toward people in rural and urban communities who have minimal access to physical protection and medical care.

A genuinely inspiring beacon that has risen out of the 2020 ashes, Skye is a phoenix sure to make her mark in fashion, business, and philanthropy even more than she already has. We should all take a page out of Skye's book and find the inner beast within ourselves.

"The beast in you is the best in you."


Star/Designer: Skye Drynan @skyedrynan

Model: Rome @dionrome

Hair and Makeup: Kela Wong @kelawong

All Fashion: Dulce Bestia @dulce.bestia

Interview by: Ed Solorzano