Posted on by Skye Drynan


“I had no idea what I was walking into,” shared world renown photographer, Tony Duran. It was a sunny day in Los Angeles when Dulce Bestia’s founder and designer, Skye Drynan, had a photo shoot in which she showcased her new pieces collaborating with the world-renowned fashion and entertainment photographer. No stranger to working with talent including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz, Sandra bullock and Alicia Keys to name a few Tony Duran is familiar with jumping into a project and being able to work with a new and undiscovered project presented in front of the camera. As a creator and artist, himself, this photoshoot satisfied his artistic thirst as he loves to take something an object and turn it into a masterpiece.


Overlooking the Hollywood and Los Angeles skyline, Tony Duran showed up on set as he was met with a  room filled with people and Skye Drynan of course. As Duran shared, “she was this bubbly, amazing personality and she was an open book.” Thus, making the experience much more pleasant. Furthermore, Skye became one of the “very communicative, very open and truly one of the easiest people I’ve ever shot.” 


Everything about this day was spontaneous from the different looks to the different locations throughout the hotel. “You could be the Pope or Madonna or the girl that lives next door, I still want to take a good picture.”Going into any shoot that is Duran’s motto so once in, it was just about having fun and creating something amazing. The whole crew came together as one and everyone helped in their own way. 


What stood out to the talented photographer were the colors in the different pieces and the attention to detail they all had. “There were elements of things that were really amazing…the absolute quality and the detail of everything…it would be very interesting to see more of the whole line of [Dulce Bestia]…Everything was made amazingly well!” shared Duran. One-piece, in particular, stood out: the big black cape with some orange velvet which they shot in the hallway. There was help from Skye’s incredible team who put this all together!


Overall, it was a magical day where laughs were exchanged, beautiful photos were taken, and a delicious meal was served at night!